Friday, 4 May 2012

I'll Love You For A Thousand More!

"With tears that are audible,voice that is visible, and anger that is touchable,she cried,'this is enough from you!!!'"
The day had this terrible pre-start that is a potential outcome of the day.I decided to propose to her on the thirteenth day of May.And That was Today!
We have developed a thing for each other.Our relationship has grown from the little once-in-a-bluemoon smsing to frequent rendezvous and letting us know each other.Whether things were smooth or rough,slow or fast,light or heavy,one thing has remained invariable-I haven't lost her image in the back of my mind for a moment.That I realized,is the essence of love!
Things were getting heavy inside my heart.I couldn't contain the burden of not telling her how much I've loved her.How much I wanted to be with her at all points of time.So I took the last of those snaring initiatives-I'm gonna get rid off the burden today!
I called her up yesterday and said I'd be meeting her at her sister's house in vizag today.Damon cannot enter into Elena's house without invitation.Neither could I.But I wondered if I was Damon or someone else!
But thank God,she had invited me some days ago.So I proceeded.
We left her home minutes after tea and some snacks.We started walking on the beach road,starting from Lawson's bay colony towards the Kailasagiri hill.As we walked,we spoke about lot of the workaday things.On the way I picked up a red rose from a basket and silently put a Re.5 coin in the vendor's hand.She wouldn't be made to prepare for a shocking surprise!(?)
We stopped at the Tenneti spot at around 5.30 p.m and moved onto the shore.The crimson glory of the setting sun almost matched the color of the rose i bought.Funny,I thought,if that would somehow inspire her to know what I was up to just because of the reddishness of the sun that matched the rose's.Of course that happened only in mind.Most things happen only in mind.
We sat at a spot I've chosen on intent.Between one couple that seemed sure to kiss soon by the dint of their incipient romance,and another fighting with one another on whether they'd have dinner at pizza-corner or pizza-hut(I presumed anyway,but fighting they were!)
"Nice view of the sun and city together", I exaggerated,trying to cover up any possibility of a suspicion.
I began to choke.This was my first-ever tell-tale romantic talk.
"Relax,it's going to be easy!",I started to start my self talk,which she thankfully interrupted,"So how's life over these few days?"
"Average",I said,averting my gaze from her.
"Weird answer,I don't hear much of this around!"
"Well,you don't hear much of what I'm going to speak anyway",I said,continuing to avert my eyes shooting straight into hers.
"All right,you seem screwed.Not going good with  your girlfriend huh?",she shocked me with those words,but silently attenuated the excitement with a wink and a subsequent dialogue,"just joking,I know you're not that kinda guy".
"Time to move on buddy,decide this fast.A moment gone without her is a moment gone!",my self-talk guru gave me his first-ever wise decision in his life.
"All right,let's speak about a story.A hypothetical one.Girl you are,so you've got to tell me the decision"
I calmly threw a stone into the silent sea,hoping her doubt would fade like the sight of the stone.And sink they both did!
Start,here we go!
"Let's say a guy,a happy-go-lucky one,a tee-totaller type,but not repulsive,goes along and accidentally meets a girl..."
Ours,i wanted to say,but i didn't."A friend's.Immaterial now,let's get going.
"Say the guy gets her details and begins to imagine himself with her.Starts contemplating about her.In a few weeks,he realises that he is badly sad and sadly bad without being with her.The tiny spark of lust in his heart transformed into a blazing fire of love,powerful enough to incinerate those prejudices",i continued,staring into her eyes to plot her expressions versus my speech.
"Go on",she said with an expression not strong enough to detect enthusiasm,not weak enough to prove dismay.
"He is missing her so much now that like a ruminating cow,he's stored all of his interactions with her,small like an sms,to large like..."
"Keep it simple silly,Don't be a poet!"
"All right,sorry.But he is missing her like hell.Every moment he thinks about his moments with her.And he thinks why he's missed her since long,without tightly embracing her and never letting her go.He becomes dismal.Why he hasn't been capable of making her happy just to the extent that she'll do the same.He laughs madly.He cries helplessly.He sobs loudly.He misses her badly.

"She's been with him for long but nothing extraordinarily positive from her.As it always happens,he is unable  to be just friends with her.He wants to..."
A slight grin escapes from the corner of her lips,showing off her beautiful premolars.
I get furious,as i was about to blurt out,"Does this all seem funny???"
I stopped at the end of the second word,and forced my vision to intersect hers at the couple.
Predictably, they started to kiss with an extra spice of passion.
I cashed in.
"He wants to...He wants to not just kiss you.He wants to not just feel you.He wants to not just have that s-...",inherently mixing a lot of expression that she didn't realize the shift from third person to second.
"What does he want,tell me that!",she grimaced and added volume to her usually calm tone.
"He wants to be with you.He wants you to feel his love for you,He wants to take care of you.Forever.
"Right then,unfortunately,you see,love is out of phase with force.Love cannot be imposed.You cannot put someone in jail and force her to love you.But do you think his love for her is not a force enough to instill love in her for him?"
"A forcing-love?"
"If you will.Do you think the kind of thing he has for her cannot overcome all the prejudices she has about him?A recognition of that thing?"
"Well...",she was trying to say something.Perhaps give some advice to 'him'.
But I turned emotional enough,I now didn't care to peer into her expressions,I didn't care to beat around the bush.I had to throw those final few words.And wait to see if she will catch them,or spill them on the sand and let the tides bury them.
"Now sufficient,as i might say."
I rummaged in my pocket and after a bit of fumble,coolly took the rose and offered it to her.The brilliance of the rose was fully visible under the phosphorescent street lamps.Beauty lies in the heart anyway!
As I extended my hand,carefully clutching the flower with my fingers,a tear rolled down my cheek.
With a voice wavering out of emotion,I said those words,"Tu me manques! Aimez-vous!!!"(I miss you,and I love you!)
A blank expression on her startled face ensued,and it's like a pot-pourri of bewilderment,happiness and emotion.
Each of which have reasons for themselves,but when put together comes the trouble!!!


  1. A slight grin escapes from the corner of her lips,showing off her beautiful premolars.
    was a great line!! :D

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  3. Another great article to show off your English skills. After reading this post I don't have an effing clue on what her reaction is. Do write an ending or after-note about her reaction so that I don't feel cheated.
    "As I extended my hand,carefully clutching the flower with my fingers,a tear rolled down my cheek."-- And please tell me that you did not cry for christ's sake.